Re: easter freight


Well, today was interesting.

I have been remote from passenger Re4/4II trains so decided to go to Pratteln where both the Basel - Zurich hauled routes converge. Pratteln however is also an obvious choice to 'catchall' any freight workings that might run.

Got to Pratteln within 2 hours thanks to the Bahn 2000 strecke making the 'far north' of CH quickly accessible from the 'far south'.

Saw fewer Re4/4 II than hoped although did see the double headed diagram.

The main 'surprise' was that the freight was frequent (though less intensive than usual) and included what I would call 'local' freight - eg Re6/6 with short general freight, in addition to the expected international container/ROLA/swap body/intermodal services. Again the full range of traction was seen (Vectrons, 185, 186, 485, 486, Re4/4II Re6/6)

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