Re: Private Operators (Since 2005)


The Wetron I saw at Pratteln recently was hauled by Crossrail 186/9 pair

On my extended stay on the Lötschberg last month I saw amongst other things:

LKW Walter trailers singly mixed with other names (sbbc haulage, sometimes 474)

Block LKW Walter with BLSC 186+475 haulage (but was NOT totally Walter, there were some Ewals and Codognotto mixed in)

Same but with CLdNCargo/Ferrymasters mix

train with almost half the consist block Van Dijk containers (BLSC 465 haulage)

‘mainly Walter (but some others included ) (SBBC 193/4 haulage)

Ferrymasters, Transmec and Others mixed (DB 193 /3 haulage)

‘all Walter’ (SBBC474 + 193/2 haulage)

‘all Walter’ (SBBC 193/4 + 193/2 haulage)

Samskip (BLS 475 haulage)

Ambrogio (BLS 465 pair haulage)

Ambrogio (single BLS 486 but at Pratteln))

Intermodaltrasporti block (BLS 425 brownie pair haulage)

‘mostly Walter’ (SBBC Re10/10 haulage)


On Tue, 21/5/19, csipromo via Groups.Io <> wrote:

I think that Ferrymaster loads from Antwerp were running using IFB, TRW, B Cargo or Xrail
leased carriers. The ones from Rotterdam are using other...

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