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Thanks for bringing up the other issue...

The Crossrail loks (186 901-910) were assigned to SBB Cargo following the transfer of Crossrail operations in CH and IT to SBB Cargo.
The locomotives continue to be registered to Crossrail.
Several websites reported that at least several of the locomotives were leased to TX Logistics during 2018.
In early 2019, Crossrail BV (Belgium) was sold to BLS Cargo. Crossrail's operations in Germany have pretty much been integrated into Rhenus Logistics, although some aspects may have been transferred to BLS Cargo.
The registration of the Class 186 locomotives was transferred from Crossrail to Cargologic AG, a Rhenus Group subsidiary in Switzerland. My information suggests that existing lease agreements are ongoing and the loks are still in operation by either TXL or SBB C.
When you see a white ex-Crossrail lok, how can you tell who it is running for without seeing the specific lok number and looking it up?
I suspect that the Wetron train might actually be a TXL operation.


Mike C

Mike C

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