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Hello Peter,
You don't say which language you are most interested in but from an English
language viewpoint I would strongly recommend the following:
"The Swiss Railways Saga .....150 Years of Swiss Trains" by Hans Peter
published 1996
ISBN 3-905111-16-0
"Bahnpanorama Schweiz" by Harald Nav�
published 1996
ISBN 3-85738054-3
Both books deal with the railways of Switzerland from their conception to
recent times (1996) in words and pictures and should still be available from
a specialist book shop or Amazon.
Although specific to a particular railway another English language book that
I like is:
"The History of the Gotthard Railway" by M.Hardy-Randall
published 1997
ISBN 0-9531841-0-2
This book was published in England and will probably be much harder to
obtain as I think the publisher has ceased trading.
These are just a few of my favourites and I am sure that there are many more
suitable books available in other languages.
Best wishes,

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I am trying to find titles of good books on Swiss railways -
present and history?

Thanks in Advance

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