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Arth Goldau-Zurich: bear in mind the closure from today of the 'direct' route via Walchwil if that's the track you were after. On the other hand, Immensee will be a great place to see everything Gotthard in one place for the rest of this year.

<<What is running on the old route on a daily basis? Can one board the GoPex in Flueelen or is it only the boat/train combo?>>

If you mean the old Gotthard mountain route then the answer is very little. Just the RABe524 Flirt units. You can book the GPE train - first class only reservation obligatory.

However, if you don't want to be thoroughly depressed - I suggest you avoid the old route. It is like travelling through a ghost town

Your train gets rather lonely - IMHO all the ‘romance’ of the Gotthard route for enthusiasts has gone - no more does your train compete for space on the line with huge long international long distance trains carrying 000s of passengers a day between northern and southern Europe, and those passenger trains interacting and weaved in between dozens of heavy freight trains lumbering back and forth across the Alps.

Worth doing the MOB for what's left of the 'old order' before the variable gauge stock comes in, although the ordinary MOB trains have changed a great deal recently


On Sat, 8/6/19, csipromo via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I am finally getting a little break and have
decided to take a week to do a little travelling in
Switzerland this summer (early July).

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