Re: Just back from some travels and have a few questions


All the new trains are Stadler, nothing from Bombardier here.

What you saw wasn't an unusual consist as 10 coach formations are common.

The new ZB EMU fleet has three types, commuter, Interregio and a dual-purpose. The commuter sets (Class 130) are known as 'Spatz'. The IR sets are 'Adler' and dual-purpose sets are 'Fink'. ZB considers the Adler units to be 7 car sets consisting of 150.1 and a 150.2 (3 cars each) and a bistro car (150.3). Fink are 3 car sets (160). They are often coupled together, hence you arrive at a 10 car formation with the Luzern Interlaken Express markings and a bistro.

FINK = flinke, innovative Niederflurkomposition; ADLER = alpiner, dynamischer, leiser, edler Reisezug

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I guess it was the ZB ABeh 150 (Adler). It was an unusual consist.

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