Re: SBB Cargo locos


Martin (Baumann),

SBB Cargo has something like 80 Re 620 and probably around 150-200 Re 420/430.
I know that the Re 420/430 are the oldest running in the fleet, with the Re 620 a few years younger than the oldest, but it does not seem to me that 20 additional loks, even with the option for an additional 20, will replace 230-280 loks, especially when you consider that SBBCI wants this new equipment to increase it's capacity in NL and perhaps BE as well as on the north-south axis.
If SBBCI eventually got hold of the Re 460 fleet, that would go a long way towards filling the numbers of the older fleet as they are retired.
What the Vectron allows SBBCI to do is to operate a train along the entire route from the Channel or North Sea port to destination in Italy, eliminating the need for locomotive change along the way.

The other things that I am wondering about is when do the leases for the ES64F4 (MRCE) and Vectron (ELL) terminate?
I have also noted that the last three or four deals have all been with Siemens. Has the SBB decided that Bombardier products no longer meet their criteria?
There was a period after the RABe514 where it seemed that the SBB was sour on Siemens, but the experience with the EuroSprinter seems to have repaired that.
Has the SBB evaluated the 187/188 and was there a determination that Bombardier was not competitive for their needs?


Mike C

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