Re: SBB Cargo locos

Heléna Moretti

Am 23.07.2019 um 17:40 schrieb csipromo via Groups.Io:
SBB Cargo has something like 80 Re 620 and probably around 150-200 Re 420/430.
Markus replied: SBB cargo and SBB Cargo International are two companies who don't have
the same needs. SBBC is working within Switzerland and can make very
good use of locomotives without ability for Germany and Italy.
SBB Cargo International has 27 x Re6/6 and 42 x Re4/4”, Re421 and Re4/4”’, if each Vectron replaces an Re10/10 combination you can see how twenty of them will have a substantial effect on the International fleet of the older classes. SBB Cargo Domestic may take some of the ETCS-fitted Re6/6 as they become spare, this will save them having to use 3 x Re4/4” combinations. But with SBB-Passenger also set to shed many of its non ETCS-fitted Re4/4” with the introduction of new units, the 420 fleet could take a lot of tap over the next year.


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