Re: SBB Cargo locos


I was not aware of the breakdown of the fleet between SBBC and SBBIN. I assumed that all of the inland loks were with SBBC.
I knew that the Re 482 were primarily used by SBBCD, along with a number of MRCE 185 and a few ELL 193s. The Re 474 and 484 were shared by SBBC and SBBCI.
SBBIN was operating the leased MRCE ES64F4, ELL and LokRoll 193 MS units.

Can anybody provide a breakdown of which Re 6/6 belong to SBBIN and what trains they are used for?

I thought that SBBCD used 482 to bring cargo from DE into CH. It was then taken south by SBBC and handed over to SBBCI for delivery. It seems that it is much more complex.

I knew SBB(P) was slowly taking the Re 4/4II (first series) out of operation, with the number expected to jump once lok pulled consists are replaced by the new Giruno and Twindexx units. The new consists for Zurich-Stuttgart (146 Twindexx DE) and Zurich-Munich will also lead to reduced Re 420 requirements.


Mike C

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