Re: SBB Cargo locos


I may be wrong, but when I am out and about as I was by the Lötschberg for my unexpected extended stay in April, it is my understanding that if I see a long distance container or swap body train, hauled by an Re10/10, that will be a SBBC IN working. If the next thing I see is a single Re6/6 , Re4/4 or combination of same on a few wagons, that will be an internal SBBC working. For some time now I have been expecting to see fewer 'international' type workings* with Re6/6 or Re10/10 - which has indeed happened and I've seen more and more Vectrons. I reported on such workings as I saw in April recently on the group.

* That is why I was extra pleased in April when I saw and photted the Re10/10 'international' workings - the in the photos

Two photos attached to illustrate my point, one is surely SBBC IN, the other SBBC 'domestic' On Tuesday, 23 July 2019,

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