Re: SBB Cargo locos


I guess that a SBBIN train would be a train that was being hauled from Point of Origin (PoO) to Destination by SBBIN. This could be hauled by MS locomotives from departure to destination or by a combination of loks (if required). This could be a ES64F4 (MRCE), a BR 193 (LokRoll). If it was a BR 185 (MRCE), Re 421, Re 482, a lok change would be required at least for the TI network (Italy). SBBIN would be under contract to pick up and deliver that consist.
Would SBBIN still handle a train which was brought to Basel Bad/Muttenz by a foreign operator (DB/Lineas-SNCB/ERS/etc) or would that train be handled by SBBC?


Mike C

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