SOB Traction (Re 446, Re 456, RBDe 561)


I know that the SOB Re 446 have been sold to EDG (Eisenbahndienstleister GmbH). As soon as the new Stadler Trainsets enter into official service, the Re 446 will be taken out of operation and prepared for the new owners. I presume that the VAE consists with Re 456 and RBDe 561 will be the final ones in use as the Stadler trains take over.

What will SOB do with the Re 456 and RBDe 561 once the Stadler trains are all in operation?
Will the Re 456 be used for other operations or will they be sold. I recall they were listed in the offerings posted by SOB and SBB.
I don't recall the RBDe 561 being on those lists, so I presume that they may still see operation on the SOB network.


Mike C

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