Re: Leman Express


To be fair, the network does still involve France, and you could argue that it cannot be helped that the demography of France is very different to Switzerland, so although it may make a 'Swiss' timetable look more jumbled than normal, the number of footnotes is IMO not unreasonable for the following reasons:

Quite a few of the large number of footnotes relate to odd late night workings (and this can jumble up other Swiss timetables as well)

Not unreasonably there will be a big difference between travel patterns Monday - Friday and those at weekends, and because the network serves Alpine areas this will be a double whammy because the pattern switches starkly between a selection of the population commuting into the lowland areas for work on weekdays and different selection of population travelling out of the lowland/urban areas at weekends eg for skiing.

In some cases there is a footnote but it does not mean that there won't be a train all the time in that time slot

On Friday, 9 August 2019, 18:42:36 BST, Paul Burkhalter <> wrote:

At first glance, the draft seems very un-Swiss with all the footnotes!

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