Re: Vectrons for SBB International


I am trying to figure out some information...

SBB Cargo International leases 18 Vectrons from LokRoll. Are these loks identical, or are there some with a slightly different package?
SBB IN also leases a number of Vectrons from ELL (Austria). Some of those loks have two pantographs and are homologated for D/AT and others have four pantographs and are homologated for more countries (D/A/CH/I/NL).

SBB IN leased 20 further Vectrons from Suedleasing. Will these loks be identical to the LokRoll machines or will they have slight differences.

The four Vectrons leased by Hupac that were intended to be operated by SBB IN were rejected by SBB IN. Does anybody have any particulars as to why they were rejected? What, if any, differences are there between these loks and the LokRoll/ELL loks? The only information that I obtained was that operation of these loks would require additional operator training. I know that the pantographs were not the same as the LokRoll equipment, but don't know what the other differences may have been (cab design, control equipment, etc).

Any additional information is appreciated.

On a related question, what SBB tractive stock is homologated for use in Belgium? Does SBB IN operate to Antwerp, Ghent or Zeebrugge or do they rely on partners?


Mike C

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