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Am 22.08.2019 um 21:06 schrieb john_dmj:
My suspicion is that the train would have to cross the standard gauge
tracks at Chur, an operation which may not be permitted or covered by
It is permitted and can be done/has been done for extra workings. But this only works from Landquart direction to Arosa, not from Disentis or Arosa.

Landquart - Arosa isn't a market. Additionally you would rather take the faster standard gauge train in Landquart to Chur and change there. Standard gauge needs 8 or 9 min, meter gauge 18 or 19 min.

People travelling to Arosa come from Zürich or St. Gallen direction, if not locally from Chur. A few might also come from Thusis, Ilanz oder Lenzerheide direction, maybe also from Klosters, Davos or Scuol. But this doesn't fill trains.

If the train from Scuol continues to Disentis, this isn't to cover a big demand of passengers wishing to travel Scuol - Disentis. It's rather for those from Klosters direction who want to go to Chur, so they can remain seated.

Markus, Gürbetal

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