SBB Cargo Changes


It was a big day for news regarding SBB Cargo and I have many questions...

To start with, reported that 35% of SBB Cargo will be controlled by Swiss Combi AG, a joint venture composed of Planzer (40%), Camions Transport (40%), Galliker (10%) and Bertschi (10%). As part of this agreement, SBB Cargo International will fall under the administration of SBB. SBB Cargo International is controlled by SBB (75%) and Hupac (25%).

It was also reported in Drehscheibe Online that SBB Cargo intends to sell it's fleet of Bombardier Re 482.

I don't know if there is any direct connection, but if SBB Cargo is divesting itself of it's international operations (SBBCI), it may no longer require the Re 482, which were primarily used in Germany and on runs into or through Germany.

Bertschi was previously a minority partner in Rail4Chem before that company was sold to Veolia, taken over by SNCF and integrated into their ITL/Captrain operation.

My question is how will this affect operations and locomotive ownership? The Re 474, 482, 484 were owned by SBB Cargo. I don't know if some were registered with SBB Cargo Italia or SBB Cargo. The Vectrons (LokRoll) were leased by SBB Cargo International. As far as I know, the latest lease deal (Suedleasing) was also SBBCI. AFAIK the ELL (Vectron) and MRCE (ES64F4) leases were also under SBBCI.

Will this scramble the fleet and how will it be structured from here on out?


Mike C

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