Re: SBB Cargo Changes


SBB Cargo is the freight division of SBB. They sold 35% to a Consortium made up of several transport companies. I guess that because Hupac is a partner in SBB Cargo International, they probably would have opposed the deal, so the solution was to make SBBCI a separate division under SBB, which I guess would completely separate the two divisions from each other. I don't know how this will work. Will SBB Cargo only handle domestic traffic and contracts with other operators (DB Schenker, etc) or will they eventually start competing for international business and start their own operations outside of Switzerland?

Will SBBCI rely on it's own traction or will it still work with SBB Cargo or SBB for transportation through Switzerland?

I know that the Re 482s were seeing less demand since the economic turndown (2008) and that they are limited to CH/DE and maybe AT while newer leased machines can operate in D/A/CH/I/NL (the main north-south corridor). It is cheaper to lease locomotives with ECTS and multination homologation than to adapt the older machines. I am surprised that SBB Cargo did not work out some kind of lease exchange with MRCE or Railpool where the 482 would go for German/Austrian operators and SBB Cargo would get a break on new leases.


Mike C

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