Re: BLM (Lauterbrunnen)


Am 02.10.2019 um 16:55 schrieb Chris Wood via Groups.Io:
I assume they would transport the sections separately and assemble
them after arrival. [...] I guess that it is also possible that the
sections would be light enough to contemplate the use of a heavy lift
I wonder if there is still a third possibility. BLM's home page says that the cable car can transport 100 passengers (= 8t) and can transport 6t of goods. It then says, that the maximum weight of the cable car is 26t. 6t + 8t + 12 t = 26t. But what is 12t?

Now, the question is, if the cabin can be taken off to attach heavier goods. It might then be possible to transport a Tango in 6 portions (3 carbody segments + 3 bogies) up the hill?

Markus, G├╝rbetal

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