RhB Winter loco diagrams published


Published today by RhB, as is usual, on the 'Treasure Trove for Railway Fans' section of the RhB website.

I have not fully digested the diagrams (and have only checked Mon - Fri in any detail) but two key things I spotted at first glance:

no sign of any 'Capricorn' plastic units replacing existing traditional loco hauled on Disentis - Landquart - Scuol/Davos/Filisur (train numbers and timings on new 2020 timetable back this up)

the three Allegra (turns 611-613) diagrams on the Albula expresses are showing as 641 (aka Ge4/4III). This suggests there are now enough 641s modified and updated for use with the Gliederzug sets (positive) but also that there may now be enough Gliederzug driving trailers for deployment on the Albula (negative development especially for photographers and traditionalists who like to see loco run round their consists).

The problem for photography will be that - as RhB persist in adding random vehicles to fixed sets - a Gliedrezug might be push pull with the Dt at the front and the loco at the rear, but concealed by a vehicle (usually a wagon(s) or a Gourmino restaurant)

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