SOB 10/10/2019

Keith Hookham

So today was chasing new carts and doing the new alignment of the ApenzellerBahn out of St Gallen. So up at the crack of dawn to catch the 07.39 departure from Luzern where SOB very kindly gave me a new cart for the journey (it’s the future🤦🏻‍♂️).

SOB Diagrams
790.1 456092/456094
790.2 stabled diagram new cart 526106
790.3 new cart 526101 (this coupled to 526001 at Rapperswill at 18.00ish for the journey to St Gallen.)
790.4 new cart 526102
790.5 new cart 526103
790.6 456091/456096
456095 was shunting coaches at Herisau.
561174 also seen at Herisau in the morning.

Onto the AppenzellerBahn and I caught 4005 on 10.26 departure from St Gallen to Appenzell. Then I sampled 3 of the Walzer carts doing 1002 on 11.30 departure to Jakobsbad for 1001 on 11.48 departure to Wasserauen. Had a look around here and then departed on 12.48 back to Herisau with 1005. Popped over to Heiden then which had 25 performing.

Cheers Keith.

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