Re: Cross-border capacity

George Raymond

I do not require direct trains. They could have just kept the short cross platform connection in Basel between the TGV and the IC to Interlaken.
In this case it is entirely the SBB’s fault, for chaning the schedule on the Basel - Bern…
In the other direction, a connection time of just a few minutes to a TGV in Basel (for example) is risky. I try to leave a connection time of at least a half hour.

If a late SBB train made me miss my TGV in Basel, I don't know what would happen if I went into the Basel SBB ticket office, showed my SNCF online TGV ticket on my mobile phone, and tried to get a replacement ticket on a TGV two hours later. (Perhaps someone who has done this can comment.)

A shorter connection time in Mulhouse or Strasbourg to a Paris-bound TGV is okay, because in those cities only SNCF is involved if I miss the connection and I know from experience the SNCF ticket office will take care of me.


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