Re: Today’s gen 12/12/2019


Am 12.12.2019 um 21:01 schrieb Keith Hookham:
Also noted unit 43 at Gossau. Not sure if it is there for a leak
service or just stored?
43 is in France. This was either 44 or 45. It's stored. AB hasn't yet
decided what it will be: Scrap or Reserve

Frauenfeld - Wil .... do they still have units 16 & 17 as I didn’t
see them or have they been scrapped?
scrapped, both. Some parts have gone to ASM

Also no sign of the units obtained from MVR 7001-7004.
became 511, 513, 512 and MIB 13
509 and 510 are new units
508 was only a middle part but had been used for spares for years. Must be scrapped now. Some units are being modernized and are not on ASM tracks.

Markus, Gürbetal

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