Re: SBB EW IV converted into NBS / 200 km/h


Not to put a damper on the discussion about terms ;), can I ask a question about the EWIV?

The original A coaches had silver window frames and some other minor differences. Did any of these survive the conversion to the new livery?

I know that sometime around 1993-1995, a number of coaches were adapted for push-pull operation with the new IC Bt pilot coaches.

Then came the modifications for the NBS Mattstetten-Rothrist, then the Loetschberg Base Tunnel and finally the GBT.
Do the GBT modifications also qualify for the Ceneri section or will further modifications be required.

I presume that the initial modifications allowed for cables for operation with pilot coach, as well as buffers designed for push-pull operation.
What other changes were conducted in each of the upgrades/modifications? I know that LBT required conversion of toilets and installation of tanks.


Mike C

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