Re: SBB EW IV converted into NBS / 200 km/h


Am 30.01.2020 um 19:54 schrieb csipromo via Groups.Io:
The original A coaches had silver window frames ... Did any of these survive the conversion to the new livery?
It's not a question of the livery but of window replacements. A 000-039
didn't have the rubber protection of the window frames. I don't know if
the windows have been repalced or if the rubber band was applied when
they were reassembled after modernization. I haven't seen a window
without the rubber band for a long time now.

I know that sometime around 1993-1995, a number of coaches were adapted for push-pull operation with the new IC Bt pilot coaches.
They changed numbers from -73 to -75. Main adaptation was larger buffers
and the co called "cursator" to reduce side movements whne pushed out of
Z├╝rich HB.

Then came the modifications for the NBS Mattstetten-Rothrist
retaining toilets. Eventually all coaches have been fitted and carry now "NBS". First year was still with V 160.

then the Loetschberg Base Tunnel
fire protection, replacement of luggage racks, enclosed litters
also V 200 is required (number -95 instead -75), no more windows where a small upper part could be opened

and finally the GBT.
more fire protection:
Am 11.05.2015 um 22:48 schrieb Guerbetaler [SwissRail]:
additional components against LBT equipment are
- fire detection including transmission of the alarm to the cab
- fire extinction in places with important technical equipment
- fire protection doors where necessary (ICN)
Do the GBT modifications also qualify for the Ceneri section or will further modifications be required.
GBT is the longest of all these tunnels and has the highest requirements.

I presume that the initial modifications allowed for cables for operation with pilot coach, as well as buffers designed for
push-pull operation. What other changes were conducted in each of
the upgrades/modifications?
These are long lists of many details but not every coach got all
modifications! See SER 2/2001, 3/2007 and 5/2015

I know that LBT required conversion of toilets and installation of
That was NBS already. Of course, LBT and GBT also require it.


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