Ge 4/4 III with Alvra


Today would have been a day for locohaulics at the Albula. Apart from most beautiful weather, all six Alvras have been in service and five of them pulled/pushed by Ge 4/4 III. For the sixth consist the At driving trailer is missing, seems to be under repair. It is replaced with a new Bt driving trailer, but Ge 4/4 III are not yet permitted with these driving trailers. So the sixth Alvra needed an Allegra. The consists are/were (first number indicating when it passed Filisur on track 2):


At (*) coaches are inserted as required, this can be a WR 3810-13 and/or one or two B EW II 2374-82/2421-50.

BTW, a train passing through Filisur at 8 o'clock through track 2 (South) would return on track 1 three hours later and again on track 2 three hours later. In other words: 8/2 - 11/1 - 14/2 - 17/1.

On days where an Alvra needs to be serviced, a replacement consist with Allegra and EW II is used:


Markus, reporting from Samedan :-)

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