Re: Big order for new units from MGB

Chris Wood

On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 09:28 AM, Guerbetaler wrote:

No, we are not speaking about the Furka Base Tunnel. We are talking
about a tunnel that doesn't exist yet and should replace 2 existing
tunnels plus several snow sheds. It's the tunnel from Täsch to zermatt,
which should be realised with STEP 35. It will allow to avoid cogwheel
between the two places.
Ah. Now I properly understand your previous LOL comment. I knew that the MGB had several tunnels other than the base tunnel, but all much smaller and not likely to have a captive train service. I didn't know that there was another planned in the upper stretches of the Zermatt line. But even if-and-when that is built, I don't think it will qualify as 'the' tunnel; measured as a direct line Realp and Oberwald is nearly three times as far as Täsch to Zermatt.

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