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1. OK I missed out one key word : I should have typed ‘Komet EMUs’ as I am fully aware of the older EMUs - in fact 2041 - 2043 were one of my favourite EMUs anywhere - there was just something about them - they had a slightly different appearance to many Swiss metre gauge vehicles so stood out.

2. Please remember to take into account British railway terminology. MGB 21 - 24 are not ‘EMU’ to most British railway people. The most accurate term for them in UK railway English is probably ‘motor luggage van’ but like the SBB 450s they look and act like locos and slightly fall into a ‘muddy’ area of terminology because when coupled up to a set of coaches they would probably be termed ‘power car’

In UK railway parlance, EMU refers to an almost permanently fixed set of two or more coaches whereby you would very rarely (if ever) see the power car separated from the rest of the set to be parked in a shed or to move around as a single vehicle. This is quite different to how 21 - 24 are used. They are frequently uncoupled from stock and go into a shed on their own as happens at Disentis and Glisergrund. It is quite likely that the next set of coaches that they would then couple up to would be different. This would never happen with a British ‘EMU’ - as I mentioned last April 22 was in Glisergrund sitting on its own like a locomotive (see photo) then within a few hours had been coupled up to a ‘loco hauled' set of coaches.

On Saturday, 15 February 2020, 15:27:17 GMT, Guerbetaler <> wrote:

Sorry for the rant, but 21-24 are EMU as well.
And apart from this I might remember you of the the fact that there had
been earlier EMUs on BVZ as well with ABDeh 6/6 2031-32 and ABDeh 8/8

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