Re: More Stadler units for Zentralbahn

Chris Wood

The more I read this thread, the more I don't understand it. The link in the original post talks about two new seven car ADLERs. So I assumed that meant four three-car power units, and two separate intermediate trailer cars, as with the current ADLERs.

Martin Baumann then writes:

The Adler units will be 151 011 and 151 012 and will not have a Bistro car
So does that mean that the new Adlers will only be six cars long. Or will they still have an intermediate trailer car, but it just won't contain a bistro.

Krist then writes:

I assume they could also be used to replace a half set from a Luzern - Interlaken express Adler.
Which could be read as suggesting that what is on order ('they') are just two three-car power units (obviously you couldn't replace half a Luzern - Interlaken express set with a whole seven car 151).

Can anybody clarify?.

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