Re 4/4 II 2020

Martin Baumann

I am about to add a text document in the files section, mainly based on reisezü , listing all day trains booked for Re 4/4 II except the majority of 420 LION for which confirmed workings are unavailable. The following rules apply:

If a train is booked 421 this is noted after the arrival time.

If there is no number after the arrival time, except 421 if required, then the train is Re 4/4 II 7 days per week.

If a train is only Re 4/4 II on certain days this is indicated by 1 to 7 1 = Monday 7 = Sunday

If a train is booked a pair it is indicated by repeating the train number as in this example

IR 2276 Zürich HB 17:08 Basel SBB 18:13 1 to 5
IR 2276 Zürich HB 17:08 Basel SBB 18:13 1 to 5

The latest Eisenbahn Amateur reports the maximum requirement is 38 single locos and 9 LION pairs. The latter seems wrong, I think it should be 12

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