Re: MOB Loco-hauled trains?


Yesterday two of the five midday trainsets in use were loco-hauled:

6004-118-119-233-225-222 (Mittelpuffer), later returning from Zweisimmen behind 6002
8001-231-251-237-111-112 (Schwab)
152-232-234-6003-223-116 (Mittelpuffer)
9303-252-235-303-9203 (Schwab)
9304-202-107-201-103-9204 (Schwab) as "Belle Epoque"

9302-238-217-9202 (Schwab) returned to Montreux 11:13 with the last early morning Regio pair and was set aside.
9301-Bs-B-9201 (Schwab) was also at Montreux

400x, 101, 102, 106, 110 (Mittelpuffer) at Montreux
214, 228, 305-306 (Mittelpuffer) at Fontanivent
B 203 and Bs 221 (Schwab) at Chernex
8002 (without markings) and a freshly-overhauled unmarked BD returned to Chernex from brake tests on the upper part of the line. These consist of running at 100 km/h on a straight stretch of line and uncoupling the coach from the loco.

Gm 4/4 2004 with snowplow X 11 have been based at Vevey this whole winter.

Rgds, Thomas.

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