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Am 05.03.2020 um 15:53 schrieb csipromo via Groups.Io:
I guess that since the locomotive no longer is owned by SBB, they could not carry the lettering any more.
I didn't notice that the SBB CFF wasn't there, until you said it...

On the original TEE locomotives the SBB CFF / SBB FFS letters had to be put at a lower position, as the "Farbtrennkannte" (the line, where red and yellow meet) was exactly where the chrome letters on the green locomotives were. For the same reason, the Swiss coat-of-arms had to be put higher up.

Comparing photos of 11393 and 11158-61/11249-53 I think that the Farbtrennkante on 11393 isn't at the original place. Compare the position of the switch for the red lights (where you need a "Vierkantschl├╝ssel")

On all repainted Cargo locomotives, the chrome letters and digits were taken away. So the 11393 had to be reproduced as I don't think they stored the original digits at Bellinzona...

The different position of SBB CFF / SBB FFS brought a problem for Fleischmann, when they produced a H0 model of the TEE-Lok. The letters were part of the mould and so they decided to put the Farbtrennkante under the letters. Which lead to a description of the "Fleischmann Lok mit heruntergelassener" Hose (= with lowered pants)!

Markus, G├╝rbetal

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