The restrictions in Italy affect railway traffic with Switzerland:

SSIF interrupted international traffic, thus FART trains end in Camedo.

RhB informs passengers that they might be sent back by the Police in Tirano.

SBB and BLS still run all trains but patronage has dropped to about 10%. Persons living in Italy and working in Switzerland are officially allowed to cross the border. Persons wanting to return home would probably be allowed to pass, most other persons not.

Freight traffic volume is drastically reduced.

Within Switzerland there are no travelling restrictions, but elderly people are advised to avoid unnecessary travels.

Any event with more than 1000 persons is prohibited. Many other events have been cancelled too.

People are advised to work at home if possible. For the federal administration it is not possible, that too many persons work at home, because VPN capacity is insufficient... (well done!)

Patronage in public transport has dropped visibly but not drastically.

Public transport companies are officially advised to maintain the offer as far as possible (staff availability) and reasonable (demand).


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