Re: BLS loco hauled changes


Am 11.03.2020 um 17:49 schrieb Martin Baumann:
Schweizer Eisenbahn Revue reports that the EW III sets will be
withdrawn by mid 2021, replaced by new FLIRT units.
This is an estimation that depends on
- delivery of the new FLIRTs for BLS
- introduction of MOB gauge changing trains to Interlaken Ost
- new assignments for NINA and L├Âtschberger

In some places the change of rolling stock must be at one date because of the train coupling and sharing system appplied in Spiez, Wolhusen, Burgdorf and Kerzers.

It is planned to update RABe 535 software within a few days and after that they will no longer be able to MU with RABe 525 NINA. They will then be moved to Luzern S-Bahn and Bern - Luzern RE. NINAs should remain in S44 and S5 and take over some other tasks around Berne.

After the delivery of the RE-FLIRTs the S-FLIRTs will arrive and replace all NPZ trains (RBDe 565 and 566). Some driving trailers might survive, adapted for the car shuttles with Re 465.

Re 465 are losing its Vst IIId MU ability but get the MU system with Traxx and Vectrons, with refurbished car shuttles and with MOB gauge changing driving trailers. Two locomotives have so far been treated,
465 001 and 004.

Markus, G├╝rbetal

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