Re: SBB Steuerwagen BDt (EWI, EWII) Question


Am 31.03.2020 um 21:36 schrieb Guerbetaler:
Dt 50 85 92-33 936 scrapped 1995
This was an accident on S1 Zürich - Zug, but I didn't find further info.

A quite peculiar accident happened on 27 April 1988 between Zug and Zürich near Mettmenstetten. Two log wagons escaped from Affoltern am Albis station in the direction of an oncoming regional train. This train had DZt 915 at the head. The driver saw the wagons coming, braked the train and escaped to the rear of the DVT and warned three postmen working in the mail compartment behind the cab. Four persons in total had been hurt in this accident. However, the DZt was repaired and came back as a Dt and went to SBB Historic in 2003.

Newspaper photo attached. Also to be found here:

All DZt, apart from 910-914, became Dt in 1989/90, meaning they lost their rolling post office function.

Markus, Gürbeal

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