Re: SBB Steuerwagen BDt (EWI, EWII) Question


Am 01.04.2020 um 15:03 schrieb csipromo via Groups.Io:
Which ones were used with Re 4/4II in the early 1980s? Was it always
EWII Dt or also EWII BDt? I am trying to reproduce consists with EWII
Comfortwagen (1980s) and Papagei/Mixed (1990s)
In 1990 was the start of S-Bahn Zürich and almost all RBe and driving trailers had to go there to help until enough double deckers were delivered. S-Bahn consists were

This left 5 RBe + DZt 910-15 for Biel and
6 RBe 1401-06 + Dt 954-59 for Luzern/Seetal
All other RBe were in Zürich.

As there was not an important reserve for some time, Re 4/4" had to step in in case of defects. I remember an S2 which was normally made up of three RBe-A-B-BDt to have one Re 4/4" instead of the RBe.

At that time there were 80 driving trailers with IIId, 35 BDt and 45 Dt. There were exactly two Dt left for Re 4/4" push-pull Winterthur - Schaffhausen: Re"-B-B-B-A-Dt. Apart from that, only EW III went with the locomotives.


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