Re: Voralpen Express coaches sold to Hungary

Andrew Moglestue

Just my 5 Rappen here.

The Schlieren coaches are with GySev. GySev is not the same as MÁV historic . Furthermore the present GySev Schlieren fleet is all second class and there are no catering vehicles . Thus the Voralpen Express stock discussed is an unlikely replacement . Lastly I was under the impression that GySev has moved beyond its phase of buying everything second hand and now has the means to buy new rolling stock, for example the new Flirts they are presently getting.

If I may propose my own theory,MÁV discontinued all on-train catering some years ago with the exception of a small number of international WRs . Today there is talk of bringing some back. For example last year during the summer months there was a WR on the Balaton Express, actually, if I was informed correctly , loaned by MÁV historic . They didn’t serve full meals but more ice cream, beer, hotdogs and burgers. Which I suppose is what Balaton tourists want to eat and drink. So maybe a full WR was an overkill . If this is to become a more permanent feature they need more suitable catering vehicles for which the Voralpen cars are suitable in my opinion . As this is obviously a seasonal service . Hardly anybody goes to the balaton outside the summer season. Thus new vehicles cannot be justified . So this is maybe a solution. Just my personal theory of course . I have no proof for any of this .

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