Re: RhB luxury trains


Am 10.05.2020 um 13:47 schrieb Toma Bacic:
I am trying to make a list of the RhB luxury trains;
If you insist on "luxury" we would have to remove the Bernian-Express before panoramic. Also the Glacier Express was not only luxury. Yes it had a dining car on part of the route an it had first class. But travlling in third class was rather of a type that wouldn't be allowed in Corona times...

What is the aim of your list? Luxury? Through trains? Trains with names?

And then we should mention that the Heidiland-Bernina-Express wasn't a very distinctive product but wanted to say, you also get Bernina if you come from Davos.

there was also a pair of trains besides the Glacier-Express tha t was restricted to Chur - Brig and was called Rhein-Rhone or Rhone-Rhein, depending of the direction. It was, as the Glacier Express was, a group of through coaches. Still today, the Chur - St. Moritz bit of the GEX is of the type through coaches.

To find out all these details it would be necessary to go through the timetables. Unfortunately you can't do that online...


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