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If you insist on "luxury" we would have to remove the
Good sources are Schweers/Wall/Kunnes: Expresszüge auf schmaler Spur. It was published in 1986 but gives informations for the early years. Also with some intersting info comes Wolfgan Finke, Hans Schweers: Die Fahrzeuge der Rhätischen Bahn 1886-1996. It has train consists of 1934/35.

All the trains we are discussing are in a matrix of the following characteristics:

1a) train with a name
1b) train without a name
1c) rolling stock with a name
2a) train with through coaches
2b) full train consist going through
2c) trains (and buses) making connections under a marketing name
3a) train offering all classes
3b) train offering all classes and dining car
3c) train only offering 1st (and old 2nd) class and dining car

Engadin Express was 1a) 2c) 3c). When it started in 1895 RhB had not yet been completed and the final travel was in a stagecoach.

Palm Express is another 2c) type.

Markus, Gürbetal

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