Re: WLAm? T2S back to Switzerland?

Rob V

On 17/05/2020 17:21, csipromo via wrote:

I was reading that a few of the WLABm 32 T2S sleeping coaches have been acquired from ÖBB/Nightjet and will be repurposed as sleeping cars for RAlpin ROLA trains.
I am guessing that these coaches, originally built starting in 1975 will replace some of the older ex-SBB RIC coaches that RAlpin acquired from Hupac when it was founded.
Additionally, with the loss of one of the more modern UIC-Z type couchette coaches, these will be a welcome addition to the fleet.
Does anybody know whether the coaches being modified for RAlpin are precisely the former WLAm 450-454 of the SBB or include others from the ÖBB fleet?
The text mentions that they are ex-DB which will probably mean the cars: 61 81 75-71 403-8, 405-3, 410-3, 413-7 & 414-5.

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