Tram-Museum Zürich Mirages on line 21 on Sunday

Chris Wood

Tram-Museum Zürich have just updated their Facebook cover photograph to show "Our two Mirage trams on museum line 21, Sunday June 28., 2020" (or in the original "Unsere beiden Mirage-Trams auf der Museumslinie 21, am Sonntag, 28. Juni, 2020"). It is just possible to make out the number 1674 on the nearer of the two cars, and I am assuming the other is 1675. I know from other sources that 1674 and 1675 were the two trams put back into service last year to cover a rolling stock shortage, and I have seen 1675 in the museum and on route 21 prior to that on several occasions over the last decade or so.

But my questions relate to 1674. How long has that been part of the museum's collection, and where has it been since the Mirage's were last in public service, back in 2009 or thereabouts. Why would they want to preserve two identical trams?.

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