Re: Tram-Museum Zürich Mirages on line 21 on Sunday

Andrew Moglestue

As far as I can remember, both Mirages passed into the museum collection at the same time, which was when they were withdrawn from active service.

For a long time the Tram Museum were saying they would only be able to preserve a single car. The main restriction here is from VBZ who don't have very much spare space to store museum trams. This is why some of the inactive cars are actually stored off the system in a secure location.

But as a typical Mirage set is a double set, it makes sense to preserve two so that a complete set can be shown. I think one of the two cars is one of the sub-fleet which was modified for pulling trailers (additional jumper cables and electric and pneumatic connectors were provided for this on the rear end) whereas the other unit is in unmodified condition. I guess the Tram Museum somehow managed to convince VBZ to tolerate the preservation of two units.

Again speaking from memory, it was then intended to have one as a working unit and the other in storage off-system as a long term project or even as a spare. But again this proposal was short-lived. I guess VBZ are now very pleased that they didn't insist too hard.

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