Re: Tram-Museum Zürich Mirages on line 21 on Sunday

Chris Wood

On Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 11:28 AM, Andrew Moglestue wrote:

But as a typical Mirage set is a double set, it makes sense to preserve two so
that a complete set can be shown.
Markus also makes the same point, which I hadn't considered, and it is a good one.

As far as I can remember, both Mirages passed into the museum collection at
the same time, which was when they were withdrawn from active service.
Interesting. My comments were based on several visits over the last decade to the museum at Burgwies‎, and I'm pretty sure that I would have noticed if there had been a second Mirage in there. And a quick look at my photos suggest that the one that was there was always 1675. So I guess 1674 could have been stored at Wartau (would it even fit?), or somewhere in the back of a working tram depot, or offsite somewhere.

Taken together those two points do raise an interesting further point. If the museum is indeed going to display them in multiple, they are either going to need more space, or to move some of their other equally interesting vehicles off site. A problem that will only become much worse in the future, as all the various different flavours (four major variants?) of Tram 2000 are retired with the introduction of the new Flexity trams. Again these are almost always seen in MU.

I guess it would be possible to expand the museum by taking over the section of the depot building currently used by Migros, but I suspect that could be expensive to achieve.

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