Re: Tram-Museum Zürich Mirages on line 21 on Sunday


Am 01.07.2020 um 01:13 schrieb Chris Wood via
A problem that will only become much worse in the future, as all the
various different flavours (four major variants?) of Tram 2000 are
retired with the introduction of the new Flexity trams. Again these
are almost always seen in MU.
The variety is wider. You will find three different types of electrical gear. then there are three basic tpyes, one of the by rebuild:
Be 4/6
Be 2/4 non-driving
Be 4/8 with low floor part ex Be 4/6

Of course, there are also a few non-driving Be 4/6, but as with the Mirage, I don't think they will preserve one of them. But perhaps a train of Be 4/6 + Be 2/4 would make sense.

Markus, Gürbetal

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