Re: MGB / RhB diagrams?


Am 05.07.2020 um 13:49 schrieb Mark Torkington:
Please forgive the amateur query, but does anyone have loco diagrams for the MGB please? Failing that is there any kind of summary of MGB hauled turns or a helpful site (like the Reisezuege site) listing compositions etc?
Infos are available but be aware that MGB often needs to switch consists. HGe-push-pull, Deh-push-pull and Komet-EMU are largely interchangeable. HGe and Deh 21-24 in pulled consists for Regios and freights are also interchangeable. Only GEX and car shuttles are more or less clearly the work of HGe, the latter with a possible show-up of the remaining Ge 4/4. At the moment, it seems that this loco doesn't work. It is reported that car shuttles are not working due a technical defect. Ge 4/4 81 was seen in Realp with a car shuttle train.

Also whilst I've got the RhB winter diagrams does anyone have this summers diagrams in an easily accessible format?
been here?

And finally, are timetables for either network available online in pdf format? Everything seems to redirect to the SBB journey planner but is there any old school style timetables of specific lines?
Tried this?

Like graphic timetables?

Markus, G├╝rbetal

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