Re: Slip coaches in Switzerland?


Am 05.07.2020 um 21:03 schrieb Mick Sasse:
This practice is of course still (at present!) very common on the RhB
- so do they use the term Schleuderwagen for this practice? It was
a new one for me!
No, I haven't heard the term in context with RhB. And they don't have the very typical Schleuderwagen, which is an addition in rush hours, because
- additional coaches on the Albula are put within the push-pull consist;
- in the case of Landquart - Davos - Filisur there is rather a minimum consist for Davos - Filisur and a train part for Landquart - Davos. The trains are not really going through and there is enough time for "reconfiguration" in Davos.


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