SBB / RhB / MGB bits

Mark Torkington

SBB Saturday 18th
Couple of 421s viewed whilst passing through Zürich:
421 394 EC195
421 383 IC486

Seen in service between 18th to 20th were:


A few units did put in appearances on loco hauled turns, although I presume that was down to reduced demand at the moment as I didn’t notice any new units in traffic. The biggest bowl out by units was today when the early morning 701 turn from Chur to Samedan turned up with an Allegra unit and 3 freight wagons! The other 701 turn I covered (Saturdays St Moritz to Landquart) was at least a 611...

Krokodil 414 was out as booked on Sunday but thanks to Dave’s gen the night before I didn’t waste my time going for the Rheinschlucht train.

Seen today whilst on route from the RhB to Brig:

23 RE839
4 GEX905
101 RE836
103 GEX904
Unit RE840
53 RE553
96 RE642 (Groschenen)
54 RE644 (Groschenen)
Unit RE557
53 RE648 (Groschenen)
55 RE561
81 Furka Pass car train

With the exception of 53, most stuff seemed to turn back and return from where it came at both Disentis / Mustér and Andermatt. The shorter distance local trains around Brig etc were all seen with units.



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