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Am 20.07.2020 um 21:37 schrieb Mark Torkington:
23 RE839
4 GEX905
101 RE836
103 GEX904
Unit RE840
53 RE553
96 RE642 (Groschenen)
54 RE644 (Groschenen)
Unit RE557
53 RE648 (Groschenen)
55 RE561
81 Furka Pass car train
With the exception of 53, most stuff seemed to turn back and return
from where it came at both Disentis / Mustér and Andermatt. The
shorter distance local trains around Brig etc were all seen with
23 and 101 at the Oberalp (800 trains) is correct.

Schöllenenbahn (600) to Göschenen (!) was worked all day by 53 and 54, the days before it was 54 and 91.

Would 53 have gone with 553, it wouldn't have been back in time to do 648. So change 553 and 642 and it is correct. And btw these trains are not RE but R. GEX appear in the graphic timetable as PE (PE is the train category, GEX is the train name).

51 and 52 work Fiesch - Zermatt

Three out of 55, 92, 94 and 96 work the Goms trains (500), 53 was there as well the days before.

96 had the module today, so it couldn't go down the Schöllenen.
4193-4284-4159-4218-4281-96. Photos available. The diagram is 514-533-534-553-554-573, the last two without the additional coaches.

93 is in the workshop in Andermatt, 95 was involved in the collision.

Track use in Andermatt is currently
1 = GEX
2 = Oberalp
3 = Göschenen
4 = Goms - Visp

Exception is the evening train 855-569 working through from Disentis to Visp and using track 1. 550-860, which is the same in the other direction, uses track 2. These are the only not-push-pull consists apart from GEX. They stand in Andermatt, side-by-side at 18:25. Photo available.

The diagram is 550-860, next day 819-824-831-836-843-848-855-569,
also 211-272, but this may be the same consist several days. I only saw that once in Andermatt within 7 days.
BDt 2241-B 2289- B 2283- A 2071
BDt 2242-B 2290- B 2286- A 2074
BD 2296-B 4262- B 4257- A 2075


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