SBB obs plus MGB/MOB/BLS bits

Mark Torkington

Tuesday 21st
MGB 21 RE211
The 2 BLS 420 turns were 501/2
MOB 6003 FT2111

And then SBB stuff seen between yesterday afternoon and this morning in the Zurich / Basel area:

420 204/5/6/9/10/11/13/14/15/18/20/24
421 383

For what it’s worth, trains are fairly busy with locals but not at pre-covid levels and everyone is wearing facemasks on them. On the vast majority of trains I got a bay of 4 to myself and not a single train was full and standing, even at rush hour. The longer distance trains and ECs were worst hit with most running around nearly empty, especially in the evenings and the more tourist orientated stuff (Glacier Exp etc) are particularly quiet due to the lack of foreign tourists.

Thanks as always to those who’ve posted the diagrams, gen and answered questions etc. Photos to follow.



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