Re: SBB obs plus MGB/MOB/BLS bits


Am 22.07.2020 um 13:31 schrieb Mark Torkington:
MGB 21 RE211
MOB 6003 FT2111
sorry for the rant, but that's R 211 and PE 2111. It's really not helpful to use abbreviations that are misleading or not known at all. Thank you.

For what it’s worth, trains are fairly busy with locals but not at
pre-covid levels and everyone is wearing facemasks on them. On the
vast majority of trains I got a bay of 4 to myself and not a single
train was full and standing, even at rush hour.
Overall patronage was last reported around 80% of normal. However, on single trains or lines it's less than 50% (especially Jungfraujoch) but others are rather above the normal. I heard of a train in Goms where people sat on the floor. In general 1st class is less, as all the Interrail and Eurailpass holders etc. are not there. Number of guests in many Swiss holiday regions is equal or higher than normal because very many Swiss family make holidays in their own country. I read reports from Appenzell where locals say they have never heard so much French speaking (guests from Western Switzerland) before.

Facemasks are mandatory in public transport, but you are allowed to remove it when eating or drinking. ;-)


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