Re: SBB / RhB / MGB bits


Am 20.07.2020 um 23:30 schrieb Guerbetaler:
The diagram is 550-860, next day 819-824-831-836-843-848-855-569,
also 211-272, but this may be the same consist several days. I only saw
that once in Andermatt within 7 days.
BDt 2241-B 2289- B 2283- A 2071
BDt 2242-B 2290- B 2286- A 2074
BD 2296-B 4262- B 4257- A 2075
It seems that the reintroduction of a second pair of GEX and the wreckage of 105 lead to some changes in the MGB charts. Today 211 was planned for a Komet-EMU (ABDeh) and 272 for a motor luggage van (Deh). 276 was planned for an ABDeh instead of Deh.

So, be aware that things can always change.


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